List of section Array

Code Modified
Arrange: Mathematical arrange (with repetition) on array elements. 2005.11.29
Average: Calculates the mean, standard deviation and variance in an array. 2005.12.24
Binary Search: Searches a value inside an ordered array using binary search or supplies the index where the searched value should be inserted to keep the array ordered. 2005.11.19
Chunk: Breaks an array into pieces. 2006.06.04
Diff: Compares two arrays and returns the distinct values. 2005.11.04
Nearest Number: Given an ordered numeric array and a number "X", retrieves the index of the nearest number to "X". 2008.03.14
Remove Duplicated: Removes duplicated values on an array. 2005.11.19
Rotate: Rotate the elements of an array with the minimum possible amount of movements. It's thousands faster than using sequences of "array.unshift(array.pop())" or "array.push(array.shift())". 2006.04.23
Shuffler: Scrambles the elements of an array. 2005.11.03
Simple Arrange: Mathematical arrange on array elements. 2005.11.28
Simple Combine: Mathematical combination on array elements. 2005.10.02
Simple Permutation: Mathematical permutation on array elements. 2005.11.28
Sum: Sum all the elements of a numeric array. 2005.11.04