List of section Geral

Code Modified
Cookie: Object to manage cookies. 2006.04.24
Date Format: Formats a date according to a formatting string. 2006.05.05
Equals: Tests if two or more objects are equal, accepts any type of object, even multidimensional arrays. 2005.12.26
Event Listener: Cross-browser addEvent and removeEvent. 2013.09.17
Focuser: Extends elements that are unable to receive focus, allowing them to handle the following events: keypress, keydown, keyup, blur and focus. 2013.09.17
Hit Test: Checks if one or more objects partially superposes the area of another. 2006.11.22
Query String: Generates an associative array with the fields of the query string and its values. 2005.09.09
RGBRandom: Generates random RGB values between two color intervals. 2005.11.20
UTF-8 Converter: Converts a sequence of ANSI characters to UTF-8 and vice-versa. 2007.10.07
Valid Date: Date validation. 2006.04.25