List of section String

Code Revisions Modified
Expand Exponential: Expands a number in the exponential form to the decimal form. 1 2006.05.08
Highlighter: Looks for occurrences of one or more strings on the text and calls a callback to replace it. 1 2006.01.13
Extenso: Converts numbers with less than 63 digits into the extensive form (in portuguese). It also supports currency numbers by using the comma as decimal separator. 3 2009.07.04
Pad: Concatenates a substring until the determinated length is reached without loops. 1 2005.11.20
Capitalize: Capitalizes a string, first letter in upper case and the rest in lower case. 2 2009.02.06
Levenshtein: Amount of characters that must be removed, inserted or replaced on the string A to make it equal to string B. 1 2005.11.12
Word Wrap: Break the lines that exceed a certain amount of characters. 2 2007.10.06
ROT13: Encodes and decodes strings into the ROT13 format (rotation of the 26 characters of the alphabet by 13 positions). 1 2005.11.01
Soundex: Phonetic code of a word, useful to search words with similar sounds, however it was developed for the English language. 1 2005.11.01
Valid CNPJ: Checks if the brazilian CNPJ is valid. 1 2005.10.02
Valid CPF: Checks if the brazilian CPF is valid. 1 2005.10.02
Mask: Applies a mask on a string. 1 2005.10.02
Trim: Clears undesirable characters on the left, right or both sides. 1 2005.08.11