List of section Classes

Code Modified
Big Number: Offers a extremely high precision level to make mathematical operations. For integers there is no limits and for floating point numbers, the class allows setting the maximum precision. 2009.07.16
Binary Parser: Serializes and unserializes binary data. 2005.08.08
CountDown: Supplies countdown with pause and events. 2006.06.23
Data Slider: Auto rotates through objects. 2005.08.08
Function Overloader: Allows functions to be overloaded (different versions of the same function are called based on the arguments types). 2006.11.29
Gradient: Given the initial and final colors and the amount of steps that the gradient effect will take, the class is able to retrieve the color that should be used on each step. 2008.03.14
HTTP Request: Class to make remote requests, which can be used on the popular "AJAX". 2006.08.18
Image Preloader: Image preloader with events and allows grouping the images to supply a synchronized loading. 2005.08.13
JSON Template Engine: Simple, extensible and efficient template engine. It's able to parse indented template tags and build its respective structure using JSON. The way it was implemented allows a better organization and turns the filling of the template easier. 2006.02.04
Math Parser: Mathematical expression parser. 2006.05.05
Math Processor: Mathematical expression parser using reverse polish notation and binary tree. 2005.10.07
Randomizer: Container able to return itens based on probability, randomized and sequentially. 2005.08.08
Timeline: Simulates the Adobe Flash timeline. You define the amount of frames, the speed in fps (frames per second) and, at each frame passage an event is called, useful for animations. 2008.03.14
Timer: Chronometers the amount of miliseconds gone from an instant to another. 2005.11.22