List of section User/carlosrl

Code Modified
AutoComplete: Auto-complete for inputs using a combo. 2013.09.17
Average: Calculates the mean, standard deviation and variance in an array. 2005.12.24
Base Conversor: Generic base conversor, accepts as parameter a charset to be used in the conversion. 2005.10.02
Binary Search: Searches a value inside an ordered array using binary search or supplies the index where the searched value should be inserted to keep the array ordered. 2005.11.19
Button: Transforms an image into a button, allows setting images for the following mouse events: over, out, click and release. 2005.10.03
Chunk: Breaks an array into pieces. 2006.06.04
CountDown: Supplies countdown with pause and events. 2006.06.23
Date Format: Formats a date according to a formatting string. 2006.05.05
Diff: Compares two arrays and returns the distinct values. 2005.11.04
Event Listener: Cross-browser addEvent and removeEvent. 2013.09.17
Extenso: Converts numbers with less than 63 digits into the extensive form (in portuguese). It also supports currency numbers by using the comma as decimal separator. 2009.07.04
Form Style: Allows changing the visual of checkbox and radio inputs with images, without loosing any functionality. 2013.09.17
Format Currency: Transforms an input into a monetary field, allowing typing just numbers and also formats the field. 2013.09.17
Gradient: Given the initial and final colors and the amount of steps that the gradient effect will take, the class is able to retrieve the color that should be used on each step. 2008.03.14
Highlighter: Looks for occurrences of one or more strings on the text and calls a callback to replace it. 2006.01.13
Image Preloader: Image preloader with events and allows grouping the images to supply a synchronized loading. 2005.08.13
JSON Template Engine: Simple, extensible and efficient template engine. It's able to parse indented template tags and build its respective structure using JSON. The way it was implemented allows a better organization and turns the filling of the template easier. 2006.02.04
Levenshtein: Amount of characters that must be removed, inserted or replaced on the string A to make it equal to string B. 2005.11.12
Mask: Applies a mask on a string. 2005.10.02
Math Parser: Mathematical expression parser. 2006.05.05
Nearest Number: Given an ordered numeric array and a number "X", retrieves the index of the nearest number to "X". 2008.03.14
Query String: Generates an associative array with the fields of the query string and its values. 2005.09.09
Remove Duplicated: Removes duplicated values on an array. 2005.11.19
Restrict: Class to mask inputs and restrict characters. 2013.09.17
RGBRandom: Generates random RGB values between two color intervals. 2005.11.20
Simple Combine: Mathematical combination on array elements. 2005.10.02
Sum: Sum all the elements of a numeric array. 2005.11.04
Tag Editor: Allows editing the content of an element, the so called "edit in place". 2006.11.05
Timer: Chronometers the amount of miliseconds gone from an instant to another. 2005.11.22
Valid CNPJ: Checks if the brazilian CNPJ is valid. 2005.10.02
Valid CPF: Checks if the brazilian CPF is valid. 2005.10.02
Zero Format: Adds zeros on the left or right of a number. 2005.11.01