List of section User/jonasraoni

Code Modified
Arrange: Mathematical arrange (with repetition) on array elements. 2005.11.29
Automatic Tabulation: Automatic tabulation for inputs with setted maxlenght. 2013.09.17
Bézier: Calculates the bézier curve. 2006.06.24
Big Number: Offers a extremely high precision level to make mathematical operations. For integers there is no limits and for floating point numbers, the class allows setting the maximum precision. 2009.07.16
Binary Parser: Serializes and unserializes binary data. 2005.08.08
Capitalize: Capitalizes a string, first letter in upper case and the rest in lower case. 2009.02.06
Cookie: Object to manage cookies. 2006.04.24
Data Slider: Auto rotates through objects. 2005.08.08
Distance from Point A to Point B: Distance from the point A to point B. 2005.08.20
Dragger: Allows dragging objects as well as applying movimentation filters. 2005.11.30
Enter as TAB: Tabulation through the enter key. 2013.09.17
Equals: Tests if two or more objects are equal, accepts any type of object, even multidimensional arrays. 2005.12.26
Expand Exponential: Expands a number in the exponential form to the decimal form. 2006.05.08
Fibonacci: Fibonacci numeric sequence without loop/recursion. 2005.11.07
Focuser: Extends elements that are unable to receive focus, allowing them to handle the following events: keypress, keydown, keyup, blur and focus. 2013.09.17
Format Money: Converts a number into the monetary format "123.456,78" without using loops. 2007.12.22
Function Overloader: Allows functions to be overloaded (different versions of the same function are called based on the arguments types). 2006.11.29
Graphical Plotter: Draws lines and arcs using javascript. 2005.08.08
Greatest Common Divisor: Greatest common divisor of an array of integer numbers. 2005.11.03
Hit Test: Checks if one or more objects partially superposes the area of another. 2006.11.22
HTTP Request: Class to make remote requests, which can be used on the popular "AJAX". 2006.08.18
Incremental Search: Auto-complete for inputs similar to gmail. 2013.09.17
Least Common Multiple: Least common multiple of an array of integer numbers. 2005.11.28
Masked Input: Class to mask inputs (does not work right on opera). 2013.09.17
Math Processor: Mathematical expression parser using reverse polish notation and binary tree. 2005.10.07
Nearest Point to Circle: Nearest point to a circunference, given a point out of the limits. 2005.08.20
Nearest Point to Line: Nearest point to a line, given a point out of the limits. 2005.08.20
Nearest Point to Polyline: Nearest point to a polyline, given a point out of the limits. 2005.08.20
Nearest Point to Square: Nearest point to a square, given a point out of the limits. 2005.08.20
Pad: Concatenates a substring until the determinated length is reached without loops. 2005.11.20
Point Inside a Polygon: Checks whether a point is inside a polygon. Adapted from: [] 2008.03.14
Point to Line Intersection: Intersection point between a point to a line. 2005.08.20
Point-Line Lenght: Distance from a point to a line/semi-line. 2005.08.19
Randomizer: Container able to return itens based on probability, randomized and sequentially. 2005.08.08
Resizer: Allows resizing any object as well as applying resizing filters. 2005.11.18
ROT13: Encodes and decodes strings into the ROT13 format (rotation of the 26 characters of the alphabet by 13 positions). 2005.11.01
Rotate: Rotate the elements of an array with the minimum possible amount of movements. It's thousands faster than using sequences of "array.unshift(array.pop())" or "array.push(array.shift())". 2006.04.23
Selection: Retrieves and sets the cursor position, as well the selected text of inputs and textareas. After searching, I saw it's the only code which retrieves right information in textareas under Internet Explorer without damaging the "Ctrl+Z" 2006.11.05
Shuffler: Scrambles the elements of an array. 2005.11.03
Simple Arrange: Mathematical arrange on array elements. 2005.11.28
Simple Permutation: Mathematical permutation on array elements. 2005.11.28
Soundex: Phonetic code of a word, useful to search words with similar sounds, however it was developed for the English language. 2005.11.01
Timeline: Simulates the Adobe Flash timeline. You define the amount of frames, the speed in fps (frames per second) and, at each frame passage an event is called, useful for animations. 2008.03.14
Tool Tip: Displays a tooltip when the mouse is over an element. 2005.11.28
Trim: Clears undesirable characters on the left, right or both sides. 2005.08.11
UTF-8 Converter: Converts a sequence of ANSI characters to UTF-8 and vice-versa. 2007.10.07
Valid Date: Date validation. 2006.04.25
Word Wrap: Break the lines that exceed a certain amount of characters. 2007.10.06